Burlington High School Web Resources


Student Web Access (Grade Viewer)
Uses your network username and password

State Library Resources

If the sites ask for a login, contact the tech staff or
public library for a Kansas Library Card.


Student E-mail
BHS Library Catalog

NBC Learn
You can set up a user by registering with an access code available from your teacher or the tech staff.

Discovery Education United Streaming

Username:  email address  (user@244students.org)
Password:  5 digits long (Example: 1234 = 01234)


USD #244 Website
Tumblebook Cloud

Username:  email address  (user@244students.org)
Password:  regular network password

Create your user using your school email address (user@244students.org) and network password.
Teachers will give you an access code to join their course.

Digital Public Library of America
HS Student Commons Online
The File Collection will update at 3:10 pm every day.

No login needed. 
Teachers will give you a classroom code to join.

Stratalogica   (World Culture Students)
Username:  email address  (user@244students.org)
Password:  5 digits long (Example: 1234 = 01234)
eBooks from Kansas Library
Math ConnectED
Username: Network User 244 --  Ex. user244
Password:  bton network PW  ---  Ex. bton12345

E-Star in Education
User/pw listed in HS Stu Common Online\!TechInstructions

Videoblocks   Audioblocks    GraphicStock
No login needed when at school. 
* Video Clips and Audio for Projects!!! *




Clipart & Images

Mrs. Parker's Sites

Audio & Video Creation Sites

Career and College Resources

Mr. Gilman's Resources

Mr. Reed's Resources

Mr. Samuelson's Resources

Mrs. Lower's Resources

Mrs. Keim's Resources


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